3.6.2019 PAPER
History of Human Rights: the Versailles perspective’, in ‘Versailles and Rights: a Centenary Appraisal’, Helsinki Col­legium for Ad­vanced Stud­ies and the Karelian Institute of the University of Eastern Finland.
24.5.2019 ORGANIZER
‘Concepts, paradigms and slogans – From human rights to human dignity and sustainability.‘ EASA LAWNET-seminar with The Centre of Excellence in Law, Identity and the European Narratives  (EuroStorie), Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (HCAS), Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS)
21.5.2019 VIDEO
Comment on papers by Julie Billaud, and Marie-Benedicte Dembour & Susanne Melde (at 1:16-1:35), in ‘Petitions & Petitioning‘, University of Helsinki
15.5.2019 PODCAST
‘Keskusteluja elämästä ja antropologiasta‘, AlterNATIIVI, AntroBlogi (hosted by Anna Haverinen)
9.5.2019 PANELIST
‘Law and ethnography: a Methodological debate’, with Marie-Benedicte Dembour and Jane Cowan. Helsinki Socio-Legal Studies Initiative
‘Petitions and Petitioning: Voice, Politics, Practices, Codes, Technologies’. Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies
8.3.2019 PAPER
Movement in the Right Direction’: An Ethnography of a Human Rights Report’, Global Governance Centre, Geneva Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
8.3.2019 TALK
Tutkimustiedon uudenlaiset viestintä- ja vaikutusmahdollisuudet. Ethnos Ry Kevätseminaari.
5.3.2019 TALK
Movement in the right direction: an ethnography of a human rights report’, Anthropology Department Seminar Series, Sussex University
Human Rights: Local, Global – and everything in between: the case study of Finland’. Course: Human Rights (By Julie Billaud), Sussex University
7-8.2.2019 DISCUSSANT
‘Law and Language: Engaging the Field’, University of Jyväskylä
Oikeudet, vapaudet & velvoitteet’. Course: ‘Poliittisen ajattelun perusteet’ (‘Rights, Liberties & Duties‘ in Course: Principles of Political Thought (by Emilia Palonen)), Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki
28.1.2019 PANEL
Paneelikeskustelu ihmisoikeuksien tulevaisuudesta. KIOS 20 vuotta -juhlatilaisuus
23-25.1.2019 MODERATION
‘Academic Writing and Publishing’, Winter School of the Helsinki Collegium of Advanced Studies
11.1.2019 INTERVIEW
MTV3 News Broadcast at 10 pm (LIVE) on Panel on Climate change, Lava-Klubi, Night of Science (at 0:15:30)
11.1.2019 CHAIR
Sanoista tekoihin ilmastonmuutoksessa. Kuinka radikaaleja tekoja tarvitaan?’ Panel on Climate Change at Lava-Klubi Tieteiden yö 2019. (Night of Science)
11.1.2019 TALK
Tiedeviestinnän mahdollisuudet’. 1 vuotta -tilaisuus, Thirsty Scholar, Tieteiden yö 2019 (Night of Science)
5 & 13.12.2018 PAPER & ESSAY
Movement in the Right Direction: Reflections on 70 years of world improvement’. At ‘The UDHR at 70: Historical and Juridical Perspectives‘, Geneva Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies & Geneva Academy of International and Humanitarian Law. Edited version published at The Global
17.11.2018 PAPER (via skype)
Peer review 2.0 at Reflections on creativity, knowledge and novel publication formats”, Invited paper at panel by Somatosphere at the American Anthropological Association, San Jose
15.8.2018 PAPER
Dependent emancipation: the mechanisms and paradoxes of travelling human rights policies: the case of ‘LGTBI’ in 5 moments”, Bi-Annual Meeting of the European Association of Social Anthropologists, Stockholm